Diggin’ The Details


I am a really detail oriented person. I am that guy who checks his receipts at the grocery store during check out to make sure that the expected sales price that was advertised is reflected.

That attention to detail also translates to my wardrobe.

I love to find pieces that have unique, well crafted not so “in your face” details. I focus on tailoring and craftsmanship over “flashiness”.

For this dressed up black sexy look I wanted to highlight 3 details in my outfit. These details add the right amount of pizazz that make feel confident and comfortable when I step out on the town.



I am calling this lapel hybrid because I don’t know if it has an actual formal title but it combines a traditional lapel with a shawl collar lapel to make for a lapel that I am in love with. So subtle but so special.



This one of a kind brooch boasts a unique shape and black iridescent black crystals, I am here for all of the shine and sparkle it gives from a far and the dimension and … that it gives up close. it truly is a statement piece in it’s truest form.



This is hands down my favorite shirt OF ALL TIME (in my Kanye Voice) Why? well because it fits well. I love that the buttons are covered with a fabric panel and the collar literally steals the show so subtly. The faux leather gives it a strength and bit of sheen while the metal grommets as a rocker/bad boy flare.

Lonnie Woods III