Supermarket Chic

Am I the only one that likes to look put together when running errands? I’m sorry but I can’t be seen in public in pajamas or oversized sweatpants! When I’m doing my grocery shopping I like to look chill and comfortable but still stylish because in the words of Jazzmine Sullivan:

“ I never leave the house without make-up on
I keep mascara in my pocket if I'm running to the market
‘Cause you never know who's watching you”

I dont wear make up but you get my point! Running errands is not a reason to look lazy or sloppy!

At minimum, give a mild slay (just killed another career it's a mild day - Nicki Minaj) . Ok enough with the song lyrics, let’s dive into this look.

I was giving very rockstar grunge this day. I paired medium wash jeans with a Brooklyn’s Finest Graphic T (R.I.P. TO B.I.G. ) and layered on an open no collar plaid short sleeve shirt and threw on a black motto jacket with rose details on the sleeves for that bad boy feel and of course I rocked my adidas superstars

Speaking of Brooklyn’s finest, i actually took these shots in the Brooklyn Target. Shout out to that location for having a free phone charging station!

Tell me what you guys think of this look in the comments below.

I leave you in love, peace and style,


Lonnie Woods III